Alkoholfrei (Non-Alcoholic)

Our non-alcoholic beer is brewed according to a brewing method developed by our brewers and has once been patented. The alcohol resulting from the fermentation process is removed in a very complex and at the same time careful method. This way the slightly bitter taste typical for a Pilsener beer can be preserved. Our non-alcoholic beer has only 11 kcal per 100 ml and is an ideal refreshment for active people.


Enjoy – with all your senses:

Brilliant yellow color with a hearty head and quickly rising perlage. 
Delicious fragrance of freshly baked bread from the countryside, grains and fine malt components. Crisp and bitter, slightly hoppy when drinking.  Balanced, pure beer taste.


Goes particularly well with:

Mediterranean cuisine, salads and appetizers, rice dishes and fruity desserts.


Main characteristics

Brew style:

Alcohol content:

< 0.5% vol.*

Original gravity:


Bitter units (BU):

20 BU


Calories/100 mL:       
45 kJ / 11 cal

"low calorie"

* A special process is used to reduce the alcohol content to an amount that has no physiological effect on the body 




The 0.5l bottle

The handy six-pack

6 x 0.33l bottles