Kristallweizen (Crystal Wheat)

Sparkling with a light hoppy flavor, this beer adds a refreshing touch of summer to any time of the year.

Our wheat beer specialty is filtered to remove the yeast, giving it its bright golden yellow colour with a clear, radiant look.


Enjoy – with all your senses:

Bright golden yellow color with a clear, radiant look.
Wonderfully yeasty fragrance and light citrus aromas.
Begins with a delicate tartness, and ends with a refreshingly mild soft finish when drinking.


Goes particularly well with:

Antipasti, pastas, salads, asparagus, seafood or as an aperitif.


Main characteristics

Brew style:

Alcohol content:

5.2% vol.

Original gravity:


Bitter units (BU):

13 BU


Calories/100 mL:       
163 kJ / 39 cal





The 0.5l bottle