The Birth of Fürstenberg Beer

The 13th century - It was a time of crusades, Marco Polo’s journey to China and the founding of Swiss Confederation... and the date on the official birth certificate of Fürstenberg beer.

On January 18, 1283, King Rudolf I von Habsburg granted the lands and rights for Baar and Tunôeschingen - now known as Donaueschingen - in fief to Count Heinrich I von Fürstenberg. This included the right to brew beer and to issue concessions for brewing and serving food and drink and to regulate, tax and levy duties on brewing and the serving of food and drink. 


A Brewery with Two Beers

There were three proprietors in Donaueschingen at that time and all three were required to pay a “fee” to the Fürstenbergs for every serving of beer that they sold. The brewery was already producing two different types of beers at that time.


A Break from Beer

Various wars drove the costs of grains and malt sky high and beer became much more expensive than wine. The brewery decided to take a five-year break from work.


Back to Brewing

Beer is once again brewed under the authority of Count Anton Egon zu Fürstenberg. At that time the brewery primarily produced a top-fermented beer known as “Ordinaribier” as well as March beer and lager.


Growth and Rebuilding

After Count Joseph Wilhelm Ernst zu Fürstenberg moved his seat of power to Donaueschingen, the demand for our beer started to grow. Construction of the new brewery began in 1739 and the brewery hasn’t moved since.