“Gold Rush”

The two world wars caused a major setback in the brewery’s growth, but things started to pick up again afterwards. In 1953 the brewery introduced a new beer, the “Gold Special Beer,” which was the forerunner of today’s Premium Lager. The product line also included the pale “Fürstenberg Brew,” the dark “Antonius Brew,” the “Gustator” lager and the “March” beer with the red Vienna markings.


“Fürstenberg is Premium”

Fürstenberg Pilsener is one of the few German beers to receive the honorable “Premium” distinction. During the 80s Fürstenberg continued its tradition of innovation and introduced “Fürstenberg Free,” one of the first non-alcoholic beers in Germany. 


First Certifications

In 1993 Fürstenberg became one of the first German brewing companies to receive DIN EN ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system. Certification for its environmental management system based on the Eco-Audit Regulation followed one year later.