Social Responsibility

Beer is a widely available product and a part of our culture that we can't imagine living without.

We believe that the vast majority of people consume beer responsibly. This is why we are against any condemnation of beer in general.

We are committed to promoting the responsible consumption and handling of beer and take part in targeted measures to fight alcohol abuse. Our actions are guided by the following principles. We also make sure that our partners in retail and the food service follow these same principles.

  1. We stand for enjoying beer responsibly. We promote the responsible consumption and handling of beer and educate consumers on the basic rules for enjoying beer responsibly.

  2. We fight alcohol abuse. We actively fight against alcohol abuse by promoting prevention and education. We are open to partnering with civic and government groups that also fight alcohol abuse.

  3. We are against drinking and driving. We call on everyone to say no to alcohol when driving.

  4. We support the laws to protect minors. We support our retail and food service distribution partners in complying with laws that protect minors, especially those relating to enforcing the legal drinking age.

  5. We advertise responsibly. We do not target minors with our beer ads. We do not use any advertising messages that primarily target minors and do not advertise on media that are primarily targeted towards minors. Our policies for advertising and all other brand communication directed towards consumers comply with the German Advertising Council's behavioral guidelines for commercial communication for alcoholic beverages.