Anyone who is able to spend as much time outdoors as we are here in the Black Forest, likes being active. The Fürstenberg Brewery is a dependable partner for sports at all levels - from regional clubs to amateur and professional athletes. We bring important knowledge, equipment and experience in holding events to our partnerships to guarantee successful events.

We have been the main sponsor of the Schwenninger Wild Wings for more than 30 years. We also work with the wiha Panthers Schwenningen basketball team and the Neckar Hammers American football team, two top sports clubs in the region. The Fürstenberg Skydiving Team has been an attraction at numerous events since its founding more than 30 years ago. We also sponsor the local soccer club Bahlinger SC as well as the Arena Geisingen, Germany's first roof-covered in-line arena, and the Soccer Center VS.

Equestrian sports also have a long, tradition-filled history in the region. Fürstenberg therefore supports the popular Horse Festival at the Immenhöfen stables. The CHI Equestrian Competition in Donaueschingen is one of the highlight events that we sponsor: International equestrian sports at the highest level - sponsored by Fürstenberg from the very beginning.

As the (unofficial) beer of the Black Forest, Fürstenberg has very close ties to the region and the people who live here. The Black Forest is home to a lively culture for both young and old that is shaped by traditions, customs and modern influences. We at Fürstenberg support this diversity.

Whenever the people in Baden-Württemberg get together and party and enjoy their culture, Fürstenberg is there. For example, Fürstenberg has been a Premium Partner of the Zelt-Musik-Festival in Freiburg, a highlight in the summer festival circuit, and at the Rock am See rock music festival in Konstanz for more than 30 years. The renowned Donaueschinger Musiktage festival for contemporary music is one of our favorites, but we also love the traditional side of our cultural life just as much. There is no Fasnet without Fürstenberg!

Cultural events like the Rottweiler Ferienzauber cultural festival and Schwenninger Kulturnacht night of culture have close ties with the Fürstenberg Brewery. Fürstenberg also keeps the party going in the fantastic Fürstenberg Tent during the 2-week Cannstatter Volksfest in cooperation with tent operator Peter Brandl and the 2-week German-Swiss Oktoberfest by the Lake Constance with Hans Fetscher.