Triberg Falls

Germany's highest waterfalls

Germany's highest waterfalls are a very special piece of natural theater. The water of the Gutach plunges over seven levels, dropping a total of 163 meters. The falls are particularly impressive when the snow thaws and after heavy rainfall, when the water careers its foaming and roaring way down into the valley.  

As well as admiring the falls themselves, you can find out about the animals, plants and special features of the waterfall area on the paths along the seven levels and see the numerous squirrels that play along the edge of the trail.

When you have had enough of the waterfalls, you can enjoy yourself in the nature reserve close by or put your climbing skills to the test in the high rope nature park.

Brief note from the editors: It's best to start small in the climbing park: the most difficult route is entirely unsuitable for beginners :)

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