Premium Pilsener

The long tradition of our Fürstenberg Premium Pilsener goes all the way back to our brew master Josef Munz who brewed one of the first pilsener style beers in Germany back in the late 19th century. He named it "Bohemia" based on its Bohemian origins.

We still brew our Premium Pilsener based on the original recipe of the past.

For this purpose, we use yeast that is specially developed by the brewery. The best brewing malt from the region and the special combination of Hallertau and Tettnang hops flavours give it its characteristic aroma and unique bitter note.


Enjoy – with all your senses:

Naturally bright golden color with a long-lasting head and fine perlage.
Smells pleasantly hoppy and fresh. A finely effervescent feel in your mouth when drinking with distinctive hop notes, and a smooth bitter finish.


Goes particularly well with:

Steak, poultry, fried fish, seafood, savory pies and pastries, strong cheeses.


Main characteristics

Brew style:

Alcohol content:

4.8% vol.

Original gravity:


Bitter units (BU):

31 BU

slightly bitter, hoppy

Calories/100 mL:       
155 kJ / 37 cal





The 0.33l bottle

The 0.5l can

The 5l party can

The 30/50l barrel