Weizen Hefe Hell (Pale Wheat)

For our classic wheat beer we use specially cultivated top fermenting yeast. This makes our wheat beer uniquely tangy. A sparkling fresh bouquet of a variety of fruity flavors reminiscent of banana and ripe apple is crowned by a lush, creamy froth. The high content of more than 60% malted wheat gives our unfiltered Hefeweizen its distinctive character.


Enjoy – with all your senses:

Bright amber color with a pleasantly even clouding and fine head of foam.
The yeast fragrance is combined with an abundance of fruity aromas reminiscent of bananas and ripe apples.
Begins with a delicate tartness, and ends with a refreshingly mild soft finish when drinking.


Goes particularly well with:

Boiled fish, seafood, poultry, mild cheeses, salads and sweet desserts.


Main characteristics

Brew style:

Alcohol content:

5.4% vol.

Original gravity:


Bitter units (BU):

12 BU


Calories/100 mL:       
177 kJ / 42 cal




The 0.5l bottle

The 30l barrel