For decades, the brew masters at Fürstenberg have been following the tradition of filling the brewing kettles with the winter recipe every winter season. The fragrance of the beer with sweet roasted aromas, grains and punch is reminiscent of long winter evenings in the Black Forest. This specialty owes its dark amber colour to the especially finely roasted malt. Together with mild hopping techniques, the typical full-bodied and aromatic malt flavour is created.

Enjoy – with all your senses:

Dark amber color combined with fine white head.
Deliciously sweet roasted aromas, grains and punch.
A very pleasant malty taste when drinking.
The mild hopping technique produces its typically balanced
full-bodied impression. Ideal for the winter season. 


Goes particularly well with:

Roasts, stuffed poultry, game, strong cheeses.

Brew style:

Alcohol content:

5.3% vol.

Original gravity:


Bitter units (BU):

21 BU

mildly hoppy

Calories/100 mL:       
167 kJ / 40 cal





The 0.5l bottle